Stakeholder Spotlight – Motiv Power Systems

July 28, 2021

Motiv Power Systems is an electric vehicle provider committed to freeing fleets from fossil fuels and we are very thankful to have them as one of our stakeholders here at DMCC. They have helped several fleets go electric and are doing great work in Colorado. Timothy Hill, Sales and Grants Administrator at Motiv Power Systems, spoke with us about the company’s work with electric vehicles and how they are helping to advance clean transportation. Keep reading to learn about Motiv’s Colorado projects, advice they have for fleets, and their engagement with DMCC. 

Motiv Power Systems

Name: Timothy Hill

Organization: Motiv Power Systems

Location: Foster City, CA






*Note: The following answers are summarized from an interview with Timothy hill from Motiv Power Systems

What is Motiv’s mission and how are they working to advance clean transportation in Colorado? Are there any fun projects you are working on? 

Motiv’s mission is to free fleets from fossil fuels. We deliver on that mission everyday by providing a pathway to electrification for fleets. This includes all-electric medium-duty vehicles and related energy services and charging infrastructure. In Colorado, we have an all-electric trolley deployed at the Town of Estes Park as well as the “Magic Bus” that is utilized by the Vail Valley Foundation as a mobile preschool. 

What advice do you have for fleets looking to switch to electric?  

Start early. The installation process for charging infrastructure can be a much larger and more complex system for commercial vehicles since their daily electrical energy use is much higher than electric passenger vehicles. Fleets should know that commercial charging infrastructure is not one-size-fits-all. Charging infrastructure should be “right-sized” to the fleet and those vehicles’ daily energy needs. Many charging infrastructure providers are not trying to optimize the same cost structure as the fleet operator; they are looking to install the most significant project, not necessarily a right-sized, efficient system. Not right-sizing your charging infrastructure can triple its cost and significantly impact Return on Investment (ROI). Motiv works closely with its fleet customers to purpose-build vehicles designed for the specific route and job, as well as charging capability to ensure fleets install the correct number of charge stations with the right power per station and overall power at a given site. The impact of smart charging in reducing the time of use (TOU) rates should also be scoped out to avoid electricity demand changes. Motiv helps plan, install, and manage fleet charge infrastructure in tandem with vehicle purchase to ensure fleets are ready to charge when vehicles arrive, avoiding any stranded assets. We recommend planning for infrastructure the moment you start exploring EVs for your fleet.  

Are you seeing any trends or shifts occurring with fleet electrification in Colorado right now?  

There is a bright future ahead with the Colorado EV market. Colorado recently passed Senate Bill 21-260 Sustainability of the Transportation System that provides new sources of funding to improve and expand transformation infrastructure, and support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). 

 How has your engagement with DMCC as stakeholder helped support Motiv’s efforts? 

Motiv’s engagement with DMCC has cultivated a space in the market to advocate for increased funding in Colorado while reaching new customers interested in electrifying their fleets. Lastly, we have built strong and lasting relationships with DMCC staff to support Motiv’s endeavors across the State of Colorado. We are extremely grateful for the support of DMCC and look forward to our continued partnership. 


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