Charge Up Your Workplace

EV Charging Solutions for Businesses

Helping workplaces lower barriers for EV adoption.

Drive Clean Colorado is committed to ensuring the benefits of electrification are distributed equitably. Through our new workplace charging initiative, called Watts@Work (W@W), we aim to help workplaces in Colorado lower the barriers to electric vehicle adoption by increasing the number of employers currently offering workplace charging to their employees. 

Workplace charging is a great benefit to employers and employees.

It increases employee retention, promotes electric vehicle adoption and clean air, and attracts new customers. 

No matter where you are in the evaluation or implementation process (including having already installed chargers), Drive Clean Colorado can provide you with benefits along the way, including: 

FREE technical assistance

Coaching and support for various grants and incentives, including the Charge Ahead Colorado grant, which provides funding assistance for public Level 2 or DC fast charging

Promoting your workplace’s accomplishments

Hosting EV workshops and ride & drives for your employees

Help setting up your own employee EV club and other EV awareness activities

Watts@Work funding partners

Drive Clean Colorado’s W@W initiative is partially funded by the EMPOWER and Charge@Work grants from the U.S. Department of Energy, as well as the Colorado Energy Office’s ReCharge Colorado program. Each of the programs exists to help workplaces and public officials increase EV adoption by increasing the number of employers currently offering workplace charging to their employees.  

Read more about EMPOWER

The EMPOWER project seeks to accelerate the interest and support for Workplace Charging nationwide and to ensure the benefits of electrification is distributed equitably. For more information, visit 

Read more about Charge@Work

Charge@Work provides a suite of tools, resources, and technical assistance to make workplace charging a reality for you. For more information and tools including a free site assessment and charging cost analysis, visit 

Read more about ReCharge

The ReCharge Colorado program works to advance the adoption of EVs and installation of charging infrastructure across the state and provides coaching services to help business owners, government leaders, and consumers understand the financial, environmental, economic development and energy security advantages of EVs and EV infrastructure. For more information, visit 

Join other organizations who have taken the commitment workplace charging!
Take the employer pledge!

Employers, please join us in taking a pledge to provide EV charging access for employees. There are a variety of ways to participate ranging from simply assessing employee need for charging, all the way to successful deployment of chargers and workplace charging programs.