Charging Smart

Supporting Local Governments to Achieve Equitable Access to Electric Mobility

What is Charging Smart

Charging Smart is a technical assistance and certification program to support local governments and recognize their progress in setting and achieving equitable EV-readiness goals, streamlining regulatory practices, and facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles and charging stations.

As a partner in the Charging Smart program, Drive Clean Colorado can offer free technical assistance to local Colorado governments, providing tools to facilitate and speed deployment of electric vehicles.

Why Join Charging Smart?

The Charging Smart program offers numerous benefits for participating communities. That includes:

FREE technical assistance

Supporting community-designed economic development and sustainability goals, allowing local governments to better manage growth, cut red tape, and improve use of limited taxpayer resources

Facilitating development of EV charging on public properties, providing clean transportation options for  staff, and lowering municipality fuel costs

Increasing the number of EVs in the community, which  brings numerous other economic and health benefits, including lower emissions, improved air quality, and reduced noise pollution

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Charging Smart Partners

Charging Smart is led by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). Great Plains Institute (GPI) serves as lead  partner, and other partners include the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus (MMC), RMI, Drive Clean Colorado, Virginia  Clean Cities, Long Beach Clean Cities, and North Central Texas Council of Governments. This program is funded by  the U.S. Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office.

Get Awarded For Your EV Readiness

Local governments participating in the Charging Smart program can public recognition of their status as an EV-friendly community. By achieving certain metrics, local governments can be awarded the following Bronze, Silver or Gold designations:


Bronze designees have
successfully standardized
EV charging infrastructure
permitting, identified zoning
restrictions, and discussed
collaboration with utility


In addition to completing
all criteria for Bronze
designation, Silver designees
have successfully completed
a fleet analysis, installed a
public charger, and changed
zoning requirements to
allow the easier and cheaper
deployment of EV chargers.


In addition to completing all
criteria for Bronze and Silver
designation, Gold designees
have purchased EVs for
use in their municipal fleet,
adopted standard approval
and review timelines for EV
charger installations, adopted
relevant ordinances for new
construction, and updated
their comprehensive plan.

Charging Smart Is a Justice40 Program 

Charging Smart is committed to transforming the transportation system in ways that positively benefit people,  the environment, and the economy. Charging Smart is part of the Justice40 initiative, meaning that the program  has a federal mandate to ensure that historically disadvantaged communities receive the benefits of this  investment.