Stakeholder Spotlight – City of Englewood

April 3, 2023

Today we are excited to share one of our Community Partners, the City of Englewood! The City of Englewood is committed to clean transportation and improving infrastructure for its community, business owners, and residents. As a Community Partner with Drive Clean Colorado, they have shown dedication towards stewarding resources for the benefit of current and future generations.


The City of Englewood is in the process of creating its EV plan – of which it has incorporated valuable input from business owners, residents, community leaders, dealerships, and others invested in Englewood‘s existing and future EV landscape. Drive Clean Colorado is proud to be assisting Englewood in this process and will be hosting a series of EV and e-mobility events to increase awareness, education, and adoption. We are excited to be involved in more work to help the City of Englewood reach and surpass its sustainability goals.

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