Stakeholder Spotlight: ABB E-mobility

July 26, 2023

Drive Clean Colorado is excited to spotlight one of our Gold sponsors, ABB E-mobility! ABB e-mobility is leading the future to zero-emission mobility with a variety of smart, reliable, and emission-free EV charging solutions. We chatted with Ian Stern Markovitz, Sales Manager Bus & Transit, Central Region at ABB E-Mobility and one of DCC’s Board of Directors, to learn more about his work at ABB and his role with DCC.

Ian has worked in various roles in sustainability and energy efficiency and has since applied this experience and knowledge in his new role in the clean transportation and smart solution industry at ABB. Ian is currently at ABB e-mobility, working to make e-bus and transit more reliable, safe, and easier to electrify with a host of solutions. ABB also focuses on making the most reliable and innovative EV Chargers on the market for passenger vehicles and fleets with a wide variety of solutions. In terms of the next steps for ABB, Ian and his team are working on new chargers to increase charging speeds and performance all the time. Ian’s focus is engaging with Regional Transit agencies in the central region of the US to help make the transition to eBus simple and economical.

When asked to describe his work with DCC, Ian mentioned the following: “DCC allows me to connect with regional stakeholders, planners, and other like-minded clean fuel experts. It is a great way to help to promote alternative mobility solutions and solve difficult air quality problems for the state of Colorado. DCC focuses on e-mobility at the state, regional, and local levels in a variety of use cases. Bus and Transit are a critical component of the electrification landscape, and DCC allows me to connect directly with stakeholders who also care deeply about electrified transit.”

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