DCC Stakeholder Spotlight – Winn-Marion Companies

November 15, 2021

Drive Clean Colorado (DCC) is happy to have Winn-Marion Companies as one of our stakeholders. One of Winn-Marion’s many products and services is as a turnkey solution provider for electric vehicle charging. Their mission is “to provide state-of-the-art automation solutions through superior sales, service, and innovation with an unmatched commitment to quality.” Dan Blanchard, Business Development Manager at Winn-Marion, spoke with us about his work supporting Colorado stakeholders in their vehicle electrification efforts. Keep reading to learn more about Dan and how Winn-Marion supports the development and adoption of EV infrastructure.



Organization: Winn-Marion Companies

Location: Denver, CO





*Note: The following answers are summarized from an interview with Dan Blanchard from Winn-Marion Companies

Could you give us a little introduction about yourself?

 I moved to Colorado in 2005. I worked for a brewery for a couple of years as their plant maintenance engineer. Shortly after that, in 2008, I started working with Winn-Marion. I’ve been with Winn-Marion for about 13 years. Historically, Winn-Marion is an energy company focused on fossil fuels. We’ve recently decided to continue investing in alternative energy sources to diversify our energy source portfolio as an energy company. Energy diversification and electric vehicle charging has been my focus in business development. For the last two years, I’ve been learning everything I can about EV charging and EV market space and how we can help grow the market space for EV charging and EVs across the country.

 What products/services does Winn-Marion offer to support EV drivers? What sets you apart from your competition?

Winn-Marion is a turnkey solution provider for electric vehicle charging. From a project’s inception to commissioning of our products. We have on-staff electricians, so the idea of walking our customers through the entire electric vehicle infrastructure installation process is what sets us apart from the competition.

Are there any current projects you’re working on that you would like to share?

We are working on an exciting project with our major manufacturer, ABB, with the Boulder Valley School District. We are helping them install their first electric school bus charger. Boulder Valley School District has one of the first electric buses in Colorado. It’s exciting to be part of the electrification of school buses. We also have an EV charger at our Colorado location that provides free charging for our employees. So that’s pretty exciting. Winn-Marion is also working with the Fort Collins transit agency, Transfort, to install six EV chargers for their electric buses. They have two electric buses slated to arrive in December, and we will have all those chargers ready to go by then.

What sparked your interest in getting involved with DCC, and what do you hope to collaborate on with DCC in the future?

I think ultimately, it’s about collaboration. It’s important to us to establish a local presence and work with people. Everyone at Drive Clean Colorado has been great to work with has helped identify some opportunities for grant funding to help customers. I think really it’s just a matter of being more supported and helping support local stakeholders. Drive Clean Colorado has been great for that. I’d like to mention Bonnie and Steve Trowbridge for their enthusiasm. Steve’s excitement for EVs was the spark that initially interested us.


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