Thousands of People Take an Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive at the 2021 Denver Auto Show

September 23, 2021

The Drive Electric Colorado team and volunteers worked together to provide the Xcel Energy Drive Electric Experience and Ride and Drive at the Denver Auto Show September 17 – 19, and the weekend was a huge success. Kudos to the Colorado Auto Dealers Association for putting on a great show and also to Winn-Marion who provided a creative charging solution for the cars in the EV ride & drive.

Over 1,000 people received an EV experience with ride and drives in an EV, with well over 2,000 drives covering 3,400 zero-emission miles over the course of the weekend. Of those experiencing the ride and drive:

  • 46% had never driven an EV before
  • 69% said their next car will be an EV
  • 27% said their next car may be an EV
  • And only 4% said their next car will not be an EV

There were six types of vehicles available over the course of the weekend, offering a variety of makes and models for attendees to experience:

  •  Ford Mach-E
  •  Polestar 2
  •  Volvo XC40
  •  VW ID.4
  •  Kia Niro
  •  Nissan Leaf

Xcel Energy hosted their Interactive Garage, where attendees could see in person how charging works, learn about Xcel Energy customer incentives and ask general questions about the EV lifestyle. 

The staff and volunteers worked tirelessly over the course of three days to make these experiences happen for attendees, but the numbers show it was well worth the effort to connect consumers.  


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