Stakeholder Spotlight – Wejo

August 27, 2021

DCC is pleased to welcome Wejo as one of our newest stakeholders. Wejo (pronounced wee-jo) partners with global manufacturers to collect and organize data from millions of connected cars and transform it into meaningful products that power innovations, drive efficiencies and innovate mobility. With connected vehicle data becoming more prolific, Wejo is removing barriers with their cutting-edge data exchange platform, ADEPT, while maintaining a strong focus on security and privacy. We spoke with Mike Weldon, Business Development Manager at Wejo, about the company’s values and vision for sustainability. Keep reading to learn about how Wejo’s work can support clean transportation in Colorado and how working with DCC can help them accomplish their goals. 

Name: Mike Weldon

Organization: Wejo

Location: Greater Manchester, England






*Note: The following answers are summarized from an interview with Mike Weldon from Wejo

Wejo works to secure, share and access connected vehicle data globally – how does this help you support clean transportation efforts in Colorado?

Our vision is to create partnerships and connections with other stakeholders to help them understand and use data they wouldn’t normally have access to. Wejo’s connected vehicle data and information can be used in many ways, including improving public transit and delivery routes, making roads safer, and optimizing EV charger locations. These improvements can be very beneficial for fleets, city planners, municipalities, and other entities and help them make informed decisions that will improve quality of life. We are very excited for the opportunity to assist other stakeholders in Colorado in their quest for clean transportation. Going forward, smart traffic management and curbside parking scanning will mean less congestion on the roads and, in turn, less vehicle emissions and cleaner transportation around Colorado.

As one of our newest stakeholders, what are you hoping to gain from your involvement with DCC? 

Our data is powerful and can make a huge difference in transportation – without data, action is far less effective. That’s why we’re looking forward to collaborating with stakeholders so we can couple our Data For Good™  with actionable implementation, to help improve people’s lives. On top of the existing projects we have across the U.S., working with DCC would help us connect with specific organizations and people that allow us to build stronger, lasting relationships.

What are Wejo’s sustainability goals for 2021? 

Our broad goal is tied into our mantra, Data for Good™ – we want to improve the way people live, work, and travel by partnering with ethical, like-minded organizations. Wejo believes in using data to make a real difference. A big part of our goal is improving sustainability, which we hope to accomplish by building relationships to help reduce congestion, reduce emissions, and improve air quality. Electric vehicles play a key role in clean transportation, and one of the ways we can help accelerate adoption is by making charging easier and more convenient based on gathered data from EVs and charging infrastructure. We’ve seen a lot of success in relationships we’ve formed with stakeholders and the projects they’ve done using our data and we are continuously working to build a cleaner future.

What sparked your interest in becoming a stakeholder for DCC? 

It’s great when we get to work with people whose mindset is almost perfectly aligned with our own. As I said before, we are a group of people working hard every day to use data to improve the way the world lives, works, and travels, and to achieve that we need to work with like-minded, driven people. We know we have data that can impact the world positively, all we need are the right partnerships, relationships, and collaborations to put data into action to see tangible benefits in the society. DCC is an incredible resource for building those relationships and supporting us in connecting with the right people – empowering our mission of Data for Good™.


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