Stakeholder Spotlight – ROUSH CleanTech

February 21, 2023

We are thrilled to highlight our partnership with one of our Silver Sponsors, ROUSH CleanTech. You’ve likely heard of Roush, known for its engineering expertise, automotive performance, and racing team. But you may not be as familiar with ROUSH CleanTech, the advanced clean transportation division of the company. Chelsea Uphaus, director of marketing at ROUSH CleanTech, shared a bit about ROUSH Clean Tech and the breakthroughs they’ve made with propane autogas. She says that the company’s collective vision for a clean future is the reason ROUSH CleanTech has taken alternative-fuel innovation to the next level with propane autogas. Here, she shares a bit about ROUSH CleanTech and the benefits of propane as an alternative fuel.


Tell us a bit more about who ROUSH CleanTech serves.

At our Livonia, Michigan headquarters, we design, engineer, manufacture and install clean, domestic, and economic clean transportation solutions for Ford commercial vehicles, Blue Bird Type C school buses and Micro Bird Type A buses. Chances are, you’ve passed one of our school buses, transit buses or commercial vehicles on the road: there are more than 37,000 class 4-7 vehicles fueled by our advanced technology on roads across the U.S. and Canada.


What’s the first thing you tell people about propane autogas?

Propane autogas is a nontoxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-corrosive fuel that emits virtually zero particulate matter. It’s a recycled, reprocessed fuel that would go to waste if it were not salvaged from other energy processes. Classified as a clean alternative to diesel, propane is eligible for federal and state programs like the Clean School Bus program and the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit. Honestly, I sure hope my kids get to ride a propane bus to school one day!


What makes the work ROUSH CleanTech does with propane so unique?

At ROUSH CleanTech, we focus on engineering excellence and innovation. In 2021, ROUSH CleanTech developed the first available propane autogas engine available in Class 4-7 vehicles and Blue Bird Type C buses certified to the optional ultra-low nitrogen oxide level of 0.02 grams per brake horsepower hour. This engine is 90% cleaner than the EPA’s most stringent heavy-duty engine standard. And, ROUSH CleanTech has the most CARB- and EPA-certified propane autogas products on Ford vehicles in the clean transportation industry.


How does propane autogas help fleets meet their goals?

ROUSH CleanTech has been the trusted mobility partner for fleet operations for over a decade. Our solutions have a cleaner emissions profile, a positive return on investment, and the very best ownership experience. Propane vehicles dramatically reduce NOx without adding maintenance burdens and extra costs. Our customers report savings of up to 50% in fuel and maintenance costs annually. And, propane vehicles have the lowest total cost of ownership of any vehicle, including diesel, gasoline, or electric.

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