Stakeholder Spotlight: Peak Kia

September 19, 2023

Drive Clean Colorado is excited to spotlight one of our Platinum Sponsors, Peak KiaPeak Kia Littleton has been a locally owned and operated Kia dealership since 2003 – serving Denver, Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Owners and brothers, Bill and Mike Byerly are passionate about driving change and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) across Colorado. As a Platinum Sponsor with Drive Clean Colorado and a Featured Dealer with Drive Electric Colorado, Peak Kia has the opportunity to connect with EV drivers throughout the state and advocate for a sustainable future.

Peak believes that one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to EV adoption, is accurate information. That’s why Peak Kia is committed to actively participating in EV education and test drive events hosted by DE-CO. Peak Kia has proudly participated in events such as the Lakewood Earth Day event, Premier Member Credit Union Transportation Fair, Denver Water Ride and Drive, and many more. These events have provided Peak Kia with an opportunity to showcase Kia‘s impressive lineup of electric vehicles and provide hands-on experiences to potential EV enthusiasts.

But their dedication doesn’t end there. Peak Kia is playing an active role in expanding the electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Colorado as well. In the fall of 2022, Peak Kia installed four state-of-the-art 75kW DC fast chargers, establishing a public-use EV charging center at the dealership. This initiative aims to address the range anxiety concern and facilitate convenient charging for both existing EV owners and future adopters.

Their knowledgeable staff are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in EV technology. Their goal is to continue to be a trusted resource for consumers who are eager to join the EV revolution. From answering questions to providing guidance on vehicle selection and charging solutions, their team is ready to assist and empower every customer to make informed decisions.

At Peak Kia Littleton, they are driven by their mission to promote the continued adoption of electric vehicles in Colorado and they are thrilled to partner with Drive Clean Colorado to encourage a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

Why We Work With Drive Clean Colorado

“Our partnership with Drive Clean Colorado has provided so many great opportunities for our dealership. The continually evolving EV landscape can be hard to keep up with. On several occasions their team visited with our sales staff to answer questions and provide up to date information that we could later share with our customers. They have also invited us to many EV test drive events where our team could connect with EV enthusiasts and even let them test drive some of our electric vehicles. It’s been a very mutually beneficial partnership and we are excited for all of the great things to come! “

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