Stakeholder Spotlight – Moser Energy Systems

November 7, 2022

Drive Clean Colorado is excited to share one of our recent silver sponsors, Moser Energy Systems! Moser Energy Systems, originally based in Casper, Wyoming, provides an array of diverse and innovative technologies to match your energy needs. We spoke with Bill Castor, Senior Vice President, Business Development at Moser Energy Systems, to learn about how Moser is adapting to the needs of the growing EV market while aiding the transition to clean transportation. Learn more about Moser’s core business and the development of their two EV solutions, the REV Station and Fleet REV Station, below!

Could you start with a brief introduction about yourself and your role at Moser Energy Systems?

I am Bill Castor, Sr Vice President, Business Development here at Moser Energy Systems. I have been in the energy business for over 30 years, fulfilling various positions covering a wide range of technologies, from combined heat & power (CHP), renewable and conventional power generation, to energy storage and hydrogen technologies. I’m fortunate to have found a team that has a long history of success in the traditional oil & gas services industry and strong backing from private equity ownership that is committed to using that success as a springboard for building a diversified, distributed energy company. My role is to raise awareness of how Moser’s technical capabilities can be applied to a broad range of diversified energy needs and ultimately grow our organization in a balanced way.

Can you go into detail about how Moser products, what type of customers it is designed for, and how it helps them in their clean transportation goals?

Based on our long history of innovative technologies, Moser has developed a line of solutions to address the needs of the growing EV market. This evolutionary solution (The REV Station) has evolved into two alternative products, each addressing a need from EV owners that aren’t easily addressed by the typical grid-connected, fixed charging method.

The REV Station (pictured above) is designed for rural areas and/or areas where grid interconnection isn’t available or desirable, and can quickly charge up to 6 EV’s at the same time while requiring no grid or natural gas connection. This solution integrates solar and battery technology, as well as ultra-low emissions catalyst to ensure that the system is cleaner than the grid alternative. This technology is perfect for the open spaces in Western States as well as the seasonal requirements of National and State Parks.

The Fleet REV Station (pictured above) is a smaller, mobile package of the same technology allowing designed to address the unique challenges of EV fleets as they grow and evolve. This unit incorporates is great for charging delivery and service vehicles overnight without the need to move them to the traditional fixed charging station.

Both of the REV Station solutions provide EV owners access to level 3 charging without the need to commit to fixed charging sites and allow clean energy to be supplied when you need it and where you need it. The fact that both versions are more reliable than the grid and in most cases, cleaner than the grid, and allow for charging, even in the event of a natural disaster, makes the REV Station solutions great alternatives for EV owners as well as EV fleet managers.


Tell me more about how Moser Energy Systems as a company, your mission, and how you’re aiding the transition to clean transportation in Colorado and beyond?

Moser was founded 50 years ago and has deep roots in providing efficient, mobile, and remote power for oil & gas customers, allowing a great foundation for innovating clean and reliable solutions for many other industries. In fact, we were one of the first companies to use wellhead gas as fuel for our onsite generator fleet.

Today, Moser’s core business has grown to include conventional and hybrid generating solutions for the military, construction, combined heat & power and EV charging markets. We are committed to the philosophy that green power and conventional generation need to co-exist and that our customers shouldn’t have to choose between reliable power and environmental stewardship – both of these important objectives can be accomplished simultaneously.

How does partnering with Drive Clean Colorado help you work towards your goals?

Although we have only been members for a short time, we have been thrilled with the opportunities DCC has provided for us. The presentations and networking at the recent conference in Golden, CO was a perfect opportunity for us to provide free level 3 charging to other members. The resources and connections that DCC has helped us with have been a very pleasant surprise and we are excited to use the DCC resources to continue getting the word out.

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