Stakeholder Spotlight – City and County of Broomfield

March 28, 2023

As a community partner with Drive Clean Colorado, the City and County of Broomfield have researched and developed a strategic plan to expand its EV infrastructure. Broomfield continues to monitor technology advancements and the expanding availability of vehicles as they implement its 20 year plan to replace all internal combustion fleet vehicles with EV and PHEV’s. In April of 2022, Broomfield’s Fleet Services Manager, Sven Evelsizer, partnered with DCC to host the first in-person Drive Clean Connection event, which was a major success! This event was well attended, with over 60 of DCC’s Denver Area stakeholders and fleet entities joining us.

This sold-out event consisted of several panels and discussions where we heard valuable and timely feedback regarding the barriers, issues, and hurdles stakeholders face when working towards adopting clean transportation. This knowledge and real-life experiences shared enhances both the effectiveness and efficiency as Fleet professionals, helping all of us continue to move forward in adopting new technologies. The partnership with DCC in programs such as e-fleet working groups and the fleet analysis programs has been mutually beneficial. Broomfield is excited about continuing to build relationships and participate with DCC, working together as part of the sustainability team, and moving forward in expanding the implementation of EV charging infrastructure.

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