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Drive Clean Colorado is on the forefront of clean transportation initiatives in Colorado.

Through a variety of programs and projects, as well as policy and planning initiatives, we are able to arm stakeholders with the information they need to effectively and confidently make decisions about alternative transportation choices.


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Drive Clean Connection Stakeholder Events

DCC hosts Drive Clean Connection events multiple times each year to convene our stakeholders in different areas of the state and for different topics. Recent events include:

  • April 2022 – Drive Clean Connection at the City of Broomfield focused on funding for clean vehicles and infrastructure
  • February 2023 – Drive Clean Connection hosted at Pueblo Community College where we focused on technician training for electric vehicles and chargers
  • October 2023 – Drive Clean Stakeholder Summit hosted at Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) headquarters in Denver. This event will be a uniques opportuity for networking and collaboration with leaders in the clean transportation industry. Register now!

Check our Events page for information about upcoming events!

Coaching & Technical Support

The Drive Clean Colorado team provides direct technical assistance and coaching to fleet stakeholders. We work one-on-one with stakeholders to help with the transition to alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology, providing analysis, research, advising and training. We provide non-biased information concerning alternative fuels and work closely with you to achieve your goals. Find out more about how we can help you here.

Drive Electric Colorado

Led by Drive Clean Colorado, in collaboration with the Colorado Energy Office and the Recharge Colorado coaches from organizations statewide including CLEER, 4CORE, and Northern Colorado Clean Cities, this initiative is aimed towards educating consumers with information and facts about electric vehicles in order to increase the adoption of electric vehicles in Colorado. Drive Electric Colorado provides resources that our stakeholders can share about EVs and charging in Colorado. These resources include things like home charger workshops, vehicles from our partner dealerships and EV clubs for ride & drives, tailored EV workshops for workplaces and community groups, “shout packs” or social media campaigns that can be branded with your logo and other coaching activities. Please let us know how we can help you with EV outreach.

Drive Electric Colorado is part of Drive Electric USA, a Department of Energy-funded project comprised of Clean Cities Coalitions, electric vehicle groups, and other committed partners from fourteen states. This project engages individuals, utilities, legislators, dealerships and others towards removing adoption barriers and accelerating plug-in electric vehicle use throughout the United States. 

Working Groups

Drive Clean Colorado facilities a few different peer-focused working groups, each with its own set of goals and objectives:

  • The eFleets Working Group is a peer-led working group supporting fleets in their electrification efforts. This group meets monthly and topics range from technician training, to  grants, infrastructure deployment and vehicle acquisition.
  • The Colorado Clean School Bus Consortium is a peer-led group supporting school districts in their journey toward fleet sustainability.
  • The First Responders Working Group is an educational work group with the goal of educating first responders about clean vehicle technology, especially electric vehicles.

To join any of these groups please reach out to us. 

Listening Sessions and Focus Groups

Drive Clean Colorado organizes and facilitates invitation-only listening sessions and focus groups as needed throughout the year. These peer-to-peer discussion-based meetings allow our stakeholders to discuss and identify key opportunities and barriers of technology and alternative fuel deployment in Colorado. The primary purpose of these open conversations is to improve vehicle and infrastructure performance and usability.

Our coalition stakeholders have years of practical real-world field experience with alternative fuels and other advanced vehicle technologies, so they know what has worked well and what not so well. Outcomes of listening sessions and focus groups include:

  • Identification of technology gaps and critical improvements that need to be addressed by future research, funding and development efforts related to vehicles, infrastructure, and unforeseen end-use complications.
  • Business development for new technologies, products and services, from telematics programs to electric vehicles, car share to technician training.

Please contact us to learn more about how our Listening Sessions and Focus Groups can work for your organization.

ReCharge Colorado

Drive Clean Colorado is proud to act as a ReCharge Colorado Coach in the Denver Metro and South Central regions through the Colorado Energy Office’s ReCharge Program. ReCharge Coaches help consumers, local governments, workplaces, and multiunit housing developments identify monetary savings, grant opportunities, and other advantages related to deploying EVs and charging infrastructure. ReCharge Coaches help build local stakeholder support for EV adoption and leverage these networks to drive EV sales and participation in available funding opportunities. As ReCharge Coaches, we are present in your community to assist you with your journey towards electrification. Read more about the program and meet our coaches on our blog.

Research & Data Collection

Drive Clean Colorado supports data collection projects for our Colorado stakeholders.

  • EVWATTS is addressing a growing need for practical information about vehicle electrification. The EV WATTS project team is collecting real-world use data from plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and charging stations (also known as EVSE – electric vehicle supply equipment). Researchers then validate, analyze, and summarize the data, which can be used to inform future research, development, and deployment. If you operate PEVs or charging stations anywhere in Colorado, consider being a project data provider. Contact us if you’d like to participate. 
  • EV Data Collection for Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles – Drive Clean Colorado partnered with CALSTART to address the nationally anticipated growth of electrified transportation, specifically the electrification of medium and heavy duty electric vehicles — school buses, transit buses, trucks and off-road equipment — through their Medium and Heavy Duty EV Data Collection project. The CALSTART data collection project team is collecting real-world data from a diverse set of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) across different applications, geographies, terrains and climate conditions. If you operate medium and heavy-duty PEVs or charging stations anywhere in Colorado, consider being a project data provider. Find out more about this project and contact us if you’d like to participate.
Delivering Clean Air in Denver: Propane Trucks and Infrastructure in Mail Delivery Application

This project will purchase and deploy five propane-powered delivery trucks along with propane infrastructure provided through AmeriGas in the metro Denver area. Our demonstration fleet, Hi-Pro Trucking, will deploy the ultra-low NOx Roush CleanTech Class 6 straight box propane trucks along USPS mail delivery routes in Commerce City. In partnership, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will track data and performance measurements of the propane trucks; producing a case study report at the end of the project period to demonstrate real-world applications of propane fuel as an alternative to diesel-fueled trucks. Drive Clean Colorado and the Propane Research & Education Council will provide educational materials and public-facing educational events to communicate the progress of the project. You can read more about this project on our blog.

forklift driver

Each year, the Clean Cities coalitions across the nation survey their stakeholders in order to measure the amount of petroleum displaced through the use of alternative fuels and petroleum reductions strategies. Those results are then aggregated in order to form a local and national picture of the petroleum reduction market throughout the country. Here’s our latest published Annual Report.


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