Our Take on the Colorado Energy Office’s ICCT Report for Charging in Colorado

May 20, 2021
ICCT Colorado map

Dear Stakeholders,

You may have seen the new International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) report━Colorado charging infrastructure needs to reach electric vehicle goals━ that analyzes the number, type, distribution and cost of chargers needed to meet Colorado’s electric vehicle (EV) and greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution reduction goals. Within the report increased infrastructure of Level 3, home and workplace chargers were the three key areas identified to hit these goals. These findings are helping us at DMCC refocus our efforts on these three target areas to ensure an efficient and effective strategy. Here are the ways DMCC is currently addressing them:

  • Our team can help organizations apply for the Charge Ahead Colorado grant for Level 3 charging stations, focusing on workplace and multi-family charging. We are available for coaching to walk through site locations & recommend levels of charging, as well as review applications and administer surveys.
  • We have a “how to install a charger” guide for homes and public charging.
  • We work with Xcel Energy and other utilities to demystify home charging for consumers.
  • Our initiative, Drive Electric Colorado, is working on a gap analysis for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) infrastructure focused on multi-family units and workplace gaps and will create a process to engage local governments in electric vehicle charging planning.

How can you as a stakeholder support our efforts?

  • Connect us with workplaces, condos and apartments that are interested in electric vehicle charging for their employees or residents.
  • Let us know where gaps in charging infrastructure are and help us determine places best suited for Level 2/3 charging stations across the state.
  • Let us know what the biggest barriers to installing EV charging are so we can address them (cost, confusion on how to start, siting, lack of interest/demand, etc). Equity is very important to us and we want to target areas of need specifically.

We encourage you to read the report and share with your own stakeholders to identify ways we all can help meet these critical infrastructure needs and reach Colorado’s environmental goals.

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