Stakeholder Spotlight – i25 Kia

January 25, 2021

I-25 Kia is a car dealership in Longmont, CO that specializes in providing an innovative and exceptional car-buying experience for consumers and emphasizing sustainability at the same time. Denver Metro Clean Cities thanks i25 Kia for being one of our Platinum sponsors. Phil Marzolf, Principal Owner of i25 Kia, spoke with us about i25 Kia’s involvement with sustainability, their business model, and their plans to encourage more EV adoption in 2021. Keep reading to learn more about their great work. 

Company: i25 Kia Dealership

Location: Longmont, CO





*Note: The following answers have been summarized from an interview with Phil Marzolf from i25 Kia

What makes I-25 Kia different than other dealerships?

Our business philosophy is different. We’re all about creating value – whenever we’re talking with a customer, whether its an online transaction or an in person transaction, we’re really geared towards creating value for the consumer, the end user, and our coworkers. I’m big into developing our own online platform for selling vehicles and really trying to give the consumer true transparency in the industry. 

We use an incentive book that outlines all the different ways a customer can lease or finance a vehicle to give our customers all these options in an easy, simple way. We’re the only dealer out of 15,000 that can give the customer all these options. That’s how we’ve created value by giving the customer a truly transparent, upfront, buying experience. We discount our cars upfront too.

What is important to I-25 Kia with regards to sustainability? 

Sustainability requires infrastructure, commitment, and dedication. The things that we’re doing is we have an electric vehicle DC fast charger, we recycle, we use recyclable paper cups, the basics that you should do, that is socially responsible. We’re working on creating a solar-powered charging station for all, but really its about creating a public charging network and getting people to come here from all walks of life and with any car model. [More to come in the future!]

Sustainability is important to me, it’s something I believe in. I’m all about electric vehicles in the future and revolutionizing the car industry. We’re going to have new EV models come out this year, brand new all-electric vehicles, PHEVs, and hybrids. Come 2022, you’re going to start seeing all of our vehicles have at least a plug-in element to them. Between now and 2025, our entire model line up will become much more focused on sustainability, electric vehicles, and non-carbon emission vehicles. 

What is your goal for EV sales in 2021? Do you have a favorite EV?

I love the EV Niro. I think we sold 30 in the last 3 months. It depends on how many cars we can get in our inventory but I’d like to sell at least 50 EV Niro’s this year. If I can get more in stock, that’s probably a conservative number. I want to sell as many as I can – the more EVs we can get on the road, the better! 

How has your relationship with Denver Metro Clean Cities and Drive Electric Colorado helped you achieve your goals? 

My relationship with Denver Metro Clean Cities has been rewarding for me because I feel like its something that you reach out for and have to work for. There has been a disconnect between some dealers and pushing for electric vehicles, but I’ve gotten to work with Denver Metro Clean Cities and the Colorado Energy Office. It goes both ways, the CEO (Colorado Energy Office) also needs to embrace dealers as well who do a lot for their communities and drive initiatives that manufacturers have, like EVs. We need to make it a working collaboration. 

The future of mobility is right before us and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what it’s going to do in the future. You guys are a great proponent of putting EVs on the road and we’ll do what we can do to help you accomplish your goals! 

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