DCC Stakeholder Spotlight – Blink Charging

November 8, 2021
Drive Clean Colorado (DCC) is pleased to welcome Blink Charging as one of our stakeholders. Blink designs, manufactures, owns and operates EV charging stations. Blink’s goal is to build EV infrastructure to make EV charging more accessible. We spoke with Kathy Pitts, Executive Sales Manager – West Region, about the services Blink offers and how it is helping to break down the barriers to electrification. Keep reading to learn about Blink and what sets them apart from other charging companies.



Organization: Blink Charging

Location: Denver, CO





*Note: The following answers are summarized from an interview with Kathy Pitts from Blink Charging

What products/services does Blink offer to support EV drivers? How about businesses?

Blink has a line of residential charging stations available on Amazon for purchase. I also can help with bulk orders. We also manufacturer level two charging stations. One aspect that makes our stations different is that they can be placed on any size circuit breaker, up to 100 amps. If put on a 100-amp breaker, they deliver the fastest level two charge at 19.2 kilowatts (kW). Blink’s charging stations can have cables up to 25-feet long. We also have a unique mount for light posts, which has been getting more interest lately. In addition, Blink has level three charging stations. We have a relatively inexpensive older 50-kW model and a newer 50-kW model that can be upgraded to 75-kW and a 175-kW station. The charging cables can be swapped for longer lines or replaced in case the CHAdeMO Standard disappears in the future. Finally, we are working on a 120-kW level 3 charger as well.

Do you see more use in commercial settings for level two chargers, or is it split between commercial and residential?

Blink’s residential charging stations are also level two, but our commercial stations offer a faster charge and have longer cables. Those commercial stations are going everywhere—shops, restaurants, parks, buildings, office buildings, etc.

What sets you apart from other charging companies?

Blink offers several different business models for commercial properties. We have the direct sales model, which other companies have as well. And we also have a subscription service. So instead of purchasing the stations, companies can enter into a lease agreement with a monthly fee instead of paying a large upfront cost. Then, we offer a model to put in the charging stations at Blink’s expense and act as owner and operator. Those locations do have to meet specific criteria. In addition, Blink offers hybrid models – where the upfront costs would be split between Blink and the property owner, with a revenue share to the site owner.

How is Blink helping to break down barriers to electrification?

Blink is concentrating on getting many chargers into underserved areas. We hope to find an installation model that works for people regardless of their ability to dedicate part of their budget to installing charging stations. Blink is looking to help balance out the EV charging equity equation.


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