Colorado Auto Dealerships Join Forces with Drive Electric Colorado

October 5, 2021

Drive Electric Colorado announced today that four major Colorado auto dealers have joined the organization as Founding Platinum sponsors: i25 Kia, Peak Kia, Phil Long Dealerships and Tynan’s Auto Group. These sponsorships reflect increased interest in electric vehicle purchases and growing electric vehicle inventories. Drive Electric Colorado’s EV education and resource offerings will give these sponsor dealerships the support they need to meet the demands of the Colorado EV consumer. 

Drive Electric Colorado (DE-CO) will help train dealership sales staff on not only the details of EVs and charging information, but federal, state and utility incentives available for buyers to increase consumer education at all purchasing stages. DE-CO’s free consumer EV coaching program can also inform buyers interested in EVs about opportunities with dealerships, working in tandem with dealership staff to help them make the right choice for their circumstances. 

“Partnerships with auto dealerships throughout the state are a crucial step in speeding up consumer transition to EVs,” said Bonnie Trowbridge, Executive Director of Drive Electric Colorado. “We can work together to increase consumer awareness and confidence in the transition to EVs and bring groups throughout the industry together for cohesive buyer education.”

“Drive Electric Colorado is thrilled to welcome i25 Kia, Peak Kia, Phil Long Dealerships and Tynan’s Auto Group as Drive Electric Colorado sponsors.  We applaud these dealerships’ commitment to supporting consumer EV education as their teams are a key touchpoint for buyers in their EV purchasing journey,” said Julia Davila, Associate Project Manager of Drive Clean Colorado.

Drive Electric Colorado provides a number of free resources for the EV-curious:

  • A user-friendly website with comprehensive information about EVs – from 
    • Overall EV technology education
    • EV makes and models that are currently available to purchase in Colorado 
    • How to charge your car at home and away
    • State and federal incentives available for EV purchases
  • Individual EV coaching support from vetted experts 
  • Online and in-person EV classes
  • Ride & Drive and EV Showcase events
  • Interactive social media accounts with the latest information

Drive Electric Colorado also provides resources to communities and organizations wishing to encourage their constituents to drive an electric car (or ride an e-bike!) Resources include:

  • Social media campaign collateral with topics like EV mythbusters, Charging 101, Colorado-specific FAQs, eBike Highlights, and more
  • Dedicated landing pages for dealerships and utilities 
  • Profiles and stories about EV drivers in various communities
  • Fleet engagement about electric vehicles of all sizes
  • Charger gap assessments

Industry sponsorship of Drive Electric Colorado coincides with the evolution of the auto industry globally and statewide.  Automakers are shifting production to EVs at a rapid rate, sales mandates have been created, and increased investment in EV infrastructure and changing consumer interests all create a need for dealerships to respond. DE-CO is a resource for dealerships and connects them to buyers ready to make the transition to electric.

Organizations interested in becoming a sponsor of Drive Electric Colorado can learn more by contacting Julia Davila at

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